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Home Cleaning Services

Home  Cleaning Services by Golimpo

Golimpo Offers professional home cleaning services to all kind of residential properties for both the segment household and commercial. Home Cleaning Services by Golimpo provides these services at most affordable price without compromising the quality of the work. Golimpo has made it easy for our users by providing the, the platform where they can conveniently book our team of experts sitting at home. Users can also calculate the cost instantly by providing all the information in to the booking form.  All our teams has been professionally trained and legally verified to avoid any trouble to our users. Once the booking has been made, users will get the notification message containing the assigned team information to which they can contact to and schedule the service as per their convenience.

How can Golimpo help in choosing the best home Cleaning Services near you?

You can log on to our website and move on to our services section. Choose the Home cleaning services and fill the info asked. Go Limpo has most apprehensive form which will help you calculating the service amount within a fraction of second by taking all the necessary information. Go Limpo is the first Cleaning service provider In India which offers you to buy their services at most affordable price.

You can use two coupons simultaneously and get cash back of 20% on every order. 

Services offered Golimpo for home cleaning services

There are two broad types of residential disinfection services offered by Golimpo, based on the frequency of services, there are one-time cleaning services and Annual cleaning services which includes four times in a year. Top services offered by residential cleaning services by Golimpo include:

1. Vacuuming the carpets

2. Dusting the surfaces

3. Emptying all trash

4. Mopping the floors

5. Cleaning furniture

6. Dusting blinds, window sills, and lock ledges

7. Dusting the ceiling fans

8. Cleaning the bathroom fixtures

9. Disinfecting the toilets

10. Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen table, sink

11. Cleaning kitchen appliances

Cost of residential cleaning services

Residential cleaning services Cost

Kitchen cleaning Starts from Rs. 999

Bedroom cleaning Starts from Rs. 700

Bathroom and sofa cleaning Starts from Rs. 2,199

Carpet shampooing Starts from Rs. 249

Please Note: Cost mentioned is indicative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of material and equipment are used by professional residential cleaning services by Golimpo?

Residential cleaning service providers use different kinds of cleaning tools and equipment that range from vacuum cleaners and scrubbing machines to various cleaning agents and cleaning essentials.

2. How much time does it take for deep cleaning?

The time that professional residential cleaning services in Mumbai take to deep clean a house will depend on the number of rooms, area, condition of the home, and other factors. Usually, it may take up to 5 hours or more to deep clean a three-bedroom house.

3. How often should a home be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning a home will depend on factors such as cleanliness in living, location of the home with regards to proximity to public roads, dusty areas and if there are children or pets in the house, etc. Most professional residential cleaning services nearby recommend their clients to get cleaning services done once every three months.

4. What is the cancellation policy of residential cleaning services near me?

Golimpo cancellation policy charge you 30% as cancellation or you can re-schedule merely at a charge of 10%.

5. Is any sort of preparation required before the cleaning commences?

Golimpo advise their clients to store their valuables and fragile items safely.

6. Do I need to provide anything to the team that arrives for residential cleaning services?

All they need is a continuous supply of water and electricity. However, you may still call them up and inquire.

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