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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning Services by Golimpo

Golimpo, one of the fastest growing cleaning service providers in India, provides kitchen cleaning services in Delhi along with 25 other cities. Go Limpo is one of the leading cleaning service providers which provide deep cleaning to your kitchen from A to Z. It helps your kitchen to be bug and dust free and maintain your hygiene whether it is grease marks on the stove, burnt marks on the wall or the termite.

How can Golimpo help in choosing the best Bathroom Cleaning Services near you?

You can log on to our website and move on to our services section. Choose the Kitchen cleaning services and fill the info asked. Go Limpo has most apprehensive form which will help you calculating the service amount within a fraction of second by taking all the necessary information. Go Limpo is the first Cleaning service provider In India which offers you to buy their services at most affordable price.

You can use two coupons simultaneously and get cash back of 20% on every order. 

How Golimpo’s Kitchen cleaning services fulfilling the need of the customers?

Go Limpo solve all your problems related to your kitchen either it is corner cleaning, appliance cleaning or appliance cleaning to your kitchen be it your home, office or any commercial and industrial place by providing Kitchen cleaning services. Go Limpo provides AMC for kitchen Cleaning services in Delhi and other 25 cities which includes regular visits and regular cleaning at interval of every three months at the most affordable price. Basic price for Water tank cleaning services starts from Rs.4999 for AMC which includes four services in a year. However, charges may vary time to time.


What are the Benefits of Kitchen Cleaning Services with Golimpo?

Go Limpo provides quality services at the most affordable price to the customers. Go Limpo provides flexible time slot to our end users which helps our customers to get our professionally trained cleaners at their place at the right time. Our experts make sure to use high quality chemical usage with zero harm with an aim to reach 100% effective cleaning.

Golimpo performs four stages water tank cleaning process:

1. Corner Cleaning: Cleaning each and every corner for removal of soil and stain for a Spotless and germ-free kitchen.

2. Appliance cleaning: Removing cobwebs and a complete dusting of your kitchen including tiles, walls, fans, and light fixtures windows, door, and switchboards.

3. Complete wiping and dusting

4. Brushing and removal of dust: Scrubbing and wiping of kitchen tiles, wall preparation-table, storage cabinets (externally), countertops.

5. Cleaning the areas where grease and dirt can build up, such as under the stove and around the seats of the fridge, exhaust fans, and Chimney.

6. De-greasing of gas hobs/burners and Chimney hoods.

7. Cleaning on stainless steel and Chrome kitchen fixtures.

8. Cleaning of open shelves by removal of jar and utensils.

9. External cleaning of electrical kitchen appliances such a Chimney, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and other appliances.


1. What is AMC?

Answer: AMC is Annual maintenance contract where customer pays for get services for a year.

2. How Many services are there in AMC?

Answer. AMC includes four services in a year.

3. What are the advantages of AMC?

Ans. AMC helps you to keep your tanks cleaned always, it cost you cheaper plus it saves your water because when your tank is getting cleaned every three months, there will be no need to dewater your water tank every time because our machine is capable of sucking all the dust from each and every corner of the tank along with only 20% of the water.

4.   What is associate coupon and how can we use it?

Ans. Associate coupon will help you to get extra discount by using the unique code of the associate you know from your location. In case, if you don't know anyone who is associates with Go Limpo then you can simply whatsapp the "ASSOCIATECODE" along with your location to our base number +919953071771 and you will get it within a moment the associate code.

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